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Teeth whitening, which is one of the most requested dental procedures performed each year, is done for several reasons. Both children and adults can have their teeth whitened. If a family member would like teeth whitening, the first step is to consult with one of our experts at our 11542 dental office, Dental Concepts.

Not only are there different reasons for teeth whitening, there are different ways teeth can be whitened. Everybody’s situation is different. If you’re is a candidate for teeth whitening, our expert dentist at Dental Concepts will recommend the teeth whitening option would be best for you. There are two main methods for teeth whitening; with bleaching and non-bleaching products. Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide. They remove both surface and deep stains off the teeth, which makes them whiter. Sometimes, it can even cause them to become lighter than the natural shade. If you would like your child to get his or her teeth whitened, you should schedule a consultation with one of our expert pediatric dentists to determine if he or she qualifies. The dentist will then discuss the available teeth whitening options that would best suit your child’s situation. When you come to our dental group, your family will be in excellent hands. Our dentists are specifically trained to provide dental care to patients of all ages; from young patients to seniors. We offer a wide array of services at our practice to benefit our patients. You can rest assured that you and your entire family will receive the exceptional dental care you at our practice. At Dental Concepts, we’re committed to patient satisfaction.

To learn more about teeth whitening, you should come in to see one of our professional dentists. Call 11542 dental office to schedule your appointment today. One of our staff members would be happy to help you.

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